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What is a YouTube handle?

YouTube has just introduced a new feature, something called YouTube Handles, but really what is it?

YouTube has always been adding new features for creators and improving how creators can interact with the website, but this is one of the biggest changes we’ve seen in years.

Handles will change the way you are identified on the site forever.

What is a YouTube handle?

A YouTube handle is a new way for people to find you and connect with you. Unlike channel names, handles are unique to each creator, making it easier for you to establish a distinct presence on YouTube.

A handle is a username on social media that usually appears next to an @ symbol, like on Twitter or Instagram.

Handles & Channel URL`s

Your new handle will become a part of your channel URL. In most cases, your personalized URL will become your handle. You can use your handle to direct people to your channel when they’re not on YouTube.

For example, if your handle is @creativedesigner, your channel URL will be

Here are some things that you can do with handles;

  • Get noticed in Shorts
  • Identify yourself in a unique way
  • Let others find you on YouTube
  • Connect with others in the YouTube community


If you already have a personalised URL for your channel, YouTube has reserved this for your handle but it can be changed. You will be able to easily change your handle in the YouTube Studio section which is found by clicking on the bubble in the top right-hand corner.

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